Friday, July 26, 2013

Feeling summery in a cold weather!

Just as the cold weather strikes, I'm still feeling soOoOo summeryy!lol
I wanted to feel light and girly (insert "pa cute" emoticons here..) so I decided to wear something  flowery and of course with a touch of girlalooooo, blue and white.. :-D :-D 

Since flood is prominent here in Cebu it would be much better to wear something of a comfort and something that you can dig in incase you'll have to face those flooding water.

I do LOVE (emphasize on LOVEEEE) to wear tops who have a cut outs like this. It makes me feel sexy. :-P 

To complete my plan of a girlalooo day, I added a SM hair accessory. Well, if you have noticed I just went for a Japanese inspired look on my face (assuming that I looked like a and I dont like having my hair down in this bi-polar weather because it will look "buhaghag" anyway.. 

Vintage bag for Treexshop

Cutie necklace from Sugar Kissed

So how do I rock?? 
mwaaah! :-*

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The comeback!

Miss me?? I sure did miss you all. I would like to apologize to you,my dear dear readers for the late comeback, there were things that I needed to attend to and sad to say it hindered me to blog most of the time..

But lets not dwell on it! This has been a great day for me why? First,  all problems solved. Yay!!:-) Second, I blog YEAHEYYYY!! Problem solved meaning more time to blog.. :-)  I really miss blogging, the photoshoot and well, of course , you my readers.

So as a comeback, let me share what I wore today. :-)

Since i'll be having my date (date2x din may I wore something classy, sexy, and something that would stand out, and of course something that is not too revealing. :-)

Sorry for my sweaty face, the atmosphere was soooo 

I was really in the mood to wear this sexy dress today. See! See! See! Isn't this dress a head turner? To those who will protest and who will argue with me, I would like to remind you that this is my blog, so just deal with it.HAHAHAHHA.. I kid.. I kid..:-P 

I paired my look with this classy Secosana Bag because I know that it will add colors to it. I really like putting colors to outfit because it could attract people more. Just like, I really want to make my height a little bit taller so that people will notice me somehow..hahahhhaa :-)

Feels like a ballerina, eh? Yes, I'm totally in love with these pair plus its heels, ahhhh!, something that I really need. I'm not that kind of person who wore high heels while strolling or wandering around the mall, plus (it's a secret) my boyfriend, well, lets say, ahmmm.. he's just like me, hhhmmm.. vertically challenge??..hahaahaha.. He might kill me if he reads this..hahaha.. :-D 

BTW, I'll be selling this dress (brand new) on my facebook account. Just add Gen Stylescrapbook (click here for link) for an updates!!

Don't miss me too much. There's more to come..hahahaa
Xoxo '*

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Feelin the summer

Can you feel it?? Can you feel the heat? well, I surely do. It's summer and it's time to flaunt those colorful outfits. yeah!! 

Who will agree with me  if I say that these colors could totally bring out the youthful side  of you? I chose this blue belt and blue pumps to match with my shorts, coz whenever I style I make it to the point that I pair one color atleast,like I pair belts with shoes, or belts with accessories and etc. , in that way I may not look overboard, sa madaling salita hindi sya rainbow color..hhahaahha..

I told you I'm a peplum girl..:-P When I saw this short, I know it would be great pairing with something pink. Then I saw this peplum pink top, I know it would be the perfect pair. What I love about it is that, it doesn't have  prints, so  I directly grabbed it without second thought.

Top: Pink Peplum Top

Short: Printed Short

Belt: SM Accesories Blue Belt

Necklace: Stoned Necklace

It's the Chrianne Lenses shoes again.. I just can't get over with it, just not yet.:-P

So, how do I look??:-)

Friday, April 12, 2013

The perfect neon

"I wanna scream and shout and let it all out And scream and shout and let it out
We sayin' oh we oh we oh we oh
We sayin' oh we oh we oh we oh
I wanna scream and shout and let it all out
And scream and shout and let it out
We sayin' oh we oh we oh we oh"

This song has been stuck on my head for almost a week now and I JUST CAN'T GET OVER WITH IT! :-P
So,this was the song that first entered my mind  when I found this FABULOUS pair!! YES! The perfect Neon Knitted top and White  Skirt. 

I can't get over with how lucky I'am to have this pair, I knew they would be perfect for each other.  Yes, I know, I've been repeating the word "perfect for each other" a couple of times now, but can you blame me?? I REALLY CAN'T GET OVER WITH IT!hahaha..:-P 

What made me happier??? It's the color. 

Top:  Neon Knitted Top

Skirt: White Skirt

To all "fashionistas" out there who love styling but don't want to max out their budget, why not dig into something that can bring out the fashionista in you in the most affordable price?.

Shoes: Chrianne Lenses (click site here)

Necklace: White Jewel Necklace

I really LOVE this Royal Blue Pumps, it could easily be paired with anything that you would like to wear, and it is really sexy and classy to look at, but what I love most is the seller of this pumps, she's my number one trusted seller online, plus she never failed to give me satisfaction due to her product's quality and price (..and also big discount..sssshhhh..hahhhhaha.. )

Visit her Facebook (Chrianne Lenses) account and I'm sure you'll gonna love her just like I do. :-)

Ciao for now!!

The Black and White

Got nothing to wear?? Why not pull out those black and white outfit?

Combining black and white is as easy as 1,2,3 plus you don't need to put too much effort on it, black and white is a fashion itself. You don't believe me??

If you are too lazy to accessorize (just like me..haha) and you still want to look chic and classy, this color combo is just for you. 

Since i'll just be at the mall doing nothing for the rest of the day, this outfit is perfect for me coz its not that loud plus it's very comfortable.

Top: What a girl wants (WAGW)

Belt: SM Accessories

This is the most comfortable shoes in the world. Wanna play hide and seek?? 
Count me in!!hahaha..

Of course, I don't want to be on heels if I have lots of errands and lots of places that I need to be with ,besides we all know how much klutz I'am on heels. :-P

Believe me when I say that this IS THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES IN THE WORLD. :-P This should be on your bucket

Shoes: Sole Mate

So this is what I call the "twist your skirt pose".

Well, atleast I tried. hahahaha..:-P 


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sweet with color

Excuse me for being this emotional, its just that ,this outfit made me do all this thing..hahaha..:-D 

I really LOVE how these colors complimented each other,they really made a good vibes, don't you think?? 
When I first saw this skirt I know it would be the perfect white skirt for me.
 Yes! I'm a peplum girl. haahaha.. If you could raid my closet you may notice that I have lots of peplum tops. Peplum is something that I would really like to wear due to it's style, it  shows the curves of your body and it can be easily paired with a pencil cut skirt, since I'am not that tall (ehem..I'm so sorry to disappoint skirts are my number one bestfriend..:-D

Look how sexy my back is..:-P If you're in for an office mood you can put a white garment on it, just to be formal and classy, but since it's summer here in the Philippines why not try putting up pink swimwear instead, that way you can accentuate your back and show those flawless white skin.Yay!

Peplum Top: Five&Co

               Shoes: Chrianne Lenses (click site here)

This necklace is really sweet to the eye. If I could eat them now I really would.Dont dare me.YUM!haha..

Necklace: Sugar-Kissed (click site here)

I saw this ring a couple of years ago and I was not able to use it,not even once, guess it's right time has finally arrived.:-D

Ring: Stoned Ring

I just want to show you the place where I had my photoshoot. 
Cebu is one of the places with lots of  remarkable and historical tourist spots. Cebu is known to be "the Queen of the South" and  is one of the most developed provinces in the Philippines, with Cebu City as the main center of commerce, trade, education and industry in the Visayas. 

Now tell me, how do I look?? ^^,