Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sweet with color

Excuse me for being this emotional, its just that ,this outfit made me do all this thing..hahaha..:-D 

I really LOVE how these colors complimented each other,they really made a good vibes, don't you think?? 
When I first saw this skirt I know it would be the perfect white skirt for me.
 Yes! I'm a peplum girl. haahaha.. If you could raid my closet you may notice that I have lots of peplum tops. Peplum is something that I would really like to wear due to it's style, it  shows the curves of your body and it can be easily paired with a pencil cut skirt, since I'am not that tall (ehem..I'm so sorry to disappoint skirts are my number one bestfriend..:-D

Look how sexy my back is..:-P If you're in for an office mood you can put a white garment on it, just to be formal and classy, but since it's summer here in the Philippines why not try putting up pink swimwear instead, that way you can accentuate your back and show those flawless white skin.Yay!

Peplum Top: Five&Co

               Shoes: Chrianne Lenses (click site here)

This necklace is really sweet to the eye. If I could eat them now I really would.Dont dare me.YUM!haha..

Necklace: Sugar-Kissed (click site here)

I saw this ring a couple of years ago and I was not able to use it,not even once, guess it's right time has finally arrived.:-D

Ring: Stoned Ring

I just want to show you the place where I had my photoshoot. 
Cebu is one of the places with lots of  remarkable and historical tourist spots. Cebu is known to be "the Queen of the South" and  is one of the most developed provinces in the Philippines, with Cebu City as the main center of commerce, trade, education and industry in the Visayas. 

Now tell me, how do I look?? ^^, 

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