The Brands

Got nothing to wear?? Why not pull out those black and white outfit?

Combining black and white is as easy as 1,2,3 plus you don't need to put too much effort on it, black and white is a fashion itself. You don't believe me??

If you are too lazy to accessorize (just like me..haha) and you still want to look chic and classy, this color combo is just for you. 

Since i'll just be at the mall doing nothing for the rest of the day, this outfit is perfect for me coz its not that loud plus it's very comfortable.

Top: What a girl wants (WAGW)

Belt: SM Accessories

This is the most comfortable shoes in the world. Wanna play hide and seek?? 
Count me in!!hahaha..

Of course, I don't want to be on heels if I have lots of errands and lots of places that I need to be with ,besides we all know how much klutz I'am on heels. :-P

Believe me when I say that this IS THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES IN THE WORLD. :-P This should be on your bucket

Shoes: Sole Mate

So this is what I call the "twist your skirt pose".

Well, atleast I tried. hahahaha..:-P 


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