Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bargain with style

I've been looking at my screen for almost an hour, but I haven't thought of anything to write. lol. 
Since this is my first blog and I'm new to this blogging world, I'm gonna give it a shot, so here it goes.. :-D

I'm always been a fashion addict. I LOVEEEEEEEE styling and I've been dreading to post my style, and ofcourse have my own blog. For almost 2 years I've been talking about making my own blog and blah blah blah! Guess this is the end of my 2years of blog dreading huh?? yeaaah!! Finally here it is. Yay!!:-D

I may not be the typical blogger you read online with all those fancy brands in which not everyone can afford (so do I..hahaha) . So YES! I'm taking the different  route of styling so, I'm gonna show you how to style without harming your budget.

To all FILIPINOS and all people who loves styling and don't want to spend a lot of money, here's the blog for you!!:-D

The clothes that I'll be wearing here in my blog would mostly came from the Bargain stores, unless I stated the brand. YUP, this is the route of my style, I'll be showing you clothes that are classy, sophisticated and inexpensive. Cause according to Gianni Versace
 "Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live."  

 yeah! I know I don't blend to trends, soOo antisocial of me..hahah..
For me, I style to boost my confidence,to show who I'am, what I'am and what will I'm gonna be. It doesn't really matter the price tag on it and the name behind it but what matters most is how I feel about it.

This is what I call the classy inexpensive look. :-D

I really LOVE how flattering this necklace is. It gives broad statement to my outfit. 
Necklace: Sugar-Kissed

To all Cebuano you'll probably know where I bought this elegant heels. Heard about Metro Gaisano?? YUP! that's the place..:-D The thing is, Metro Gaisano has a variant kind of shoes that you can choose, yet the price is very affordable. 

Heels: Metro Gaisano

So tell me, how do I rock???;-D toodless!!


  1. hope you'll post something about you and not just about fashion, and hope you'll reach your goal and be known not only to a few but to a multitude of people. aja! ms.gen

    1. @anonymous :-) sure I'll post something about myself soon, actually this site is not yet finish ,as you could see there were lots of pages that I need to fill in and needs to be programmed, i have so many plans for this blog and that includes completing my "about my self" corner, and definitely blog about going to places soon.. :-) Thanks for hoping the best for me.. :-) I hope soo toooo..:-)

  2. nice and affordable dresses.. also the accesories, I wanna know where to buy some of those, I'm in Cebu area.. Thanks for showing us fashion style.. Hope to see more.. Godbless..

    1. Sure i'll blog about the places where you could buy these cheap items. :-) thanks for visiting my blog, don't worry there's more to come..:-)