Saturday, April 13, 2013

Feelin the summer

Can you feel it?? Can you feel the heat? well, I surely do. It's summer and it's time to flaunt those colorful outfits. yeah!! 

Who will agree with me  if I say that these colors could totally bring out the youthful side  of you? I chose this blue belt and blue pumps to match with my shorts, coz whenever I style I make it to the point that I pair one color atleast,like I pair belts with shoes, or belts with accessories and etc. , in that way I may not look overboard, sa madaling salita hindi sya rainbow color..hhahaahha..

I told you I'm a peplum girl..:-P When I saw this short, I know it would be great pairing with something pink. Then I saw this peplum pink top, I know it would be the perfect pair. What I love about it is that, it doesn't have  prints, so  I directly grabbed it without second thought.

Top: Pink Peplum Top

Short: Printed Short

Belt: SM Accesories Blue Belt

Necklace: Stoned Necklace

It's the Chrianne Lenses shoes again.. I just can't get over with it, just not yet.:-P

So, how do I look??:-)

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