Sunday, July 21, 2013

The comeback!

Miss me?? I sure did miss you all. I would like to apologize to you,my dear dear readers for the late comeback, there were things that I needed to attend to and sad to say it hindered me to blog most of the time..

But lets not dwell on it! This has been a great day for me why? First,  all problems solved. Yay!!:-) Second, I blog YEAHEYYYY!! Problem solved meaning more time to blog.. :-)  I really miss blogging, the photoshoot and well, of course , you my readers.

So as a comeback, let me share what I wore today. :-)

Since i'll be having my date (date2x din may I wore something classy, sexy, and something that would stand out, and of course something that is not too revealing. :-)

Sorry for my sweaty face, the atmosphere was soooo 

I was really in the mood to wear this sexy dress today. See! See! See! Isn't this dress a head turner? To those who will protest and who will argue with me, I would like to remind you that this is my blog, so just deal with it.HAHAHAHHA.. I kid.. I kid..:-P 

I paired my look with this classy Secosana Bag because I know that it will add colors to it. I really like putting colors to outfit because it could attract people more. Just like, I really want to make my height a little bit taller so that people will notice me somehow..hahahhhaa :-)

Feels like a ballerina, eh? Yes, I'm totally in love with these pair plus its heels, ahhhh!, something that I really need. I'm not that kind of person who wore high heels while strolling or wandering around the mall, plus (it's a secret) my boyfriend, well, lets say, ahmmm.. he's just like me, hhhmmm.. vertically challenge??..hahaahaha.. He might kill me if he reads this..hahaha.. :-D 

BTW, I'll be selling this dress (brand new) on my facebook account. Just add Gen Stylescrapbook (click here for link) for an updates!!

Don't miss me too much. There's more to come..hahahaa
Xoxo '*

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