Friday, July 26, 2013

Feeling summery in a cold weather!

Just as the cold weather strikes, I'm still feeling soOoOo summeryy!lol
I wanted to feel light and girly (insert "pa cute" emoticons here..) so I decided to wear something  flowery and of course with a touch of girlalooooo, blue and white.. :-D :-D 

Since flood is prominent here in Cebu it would be much better to wear something of a comfort and something that you can dig in incase you'll have to face those flooding water.

I do LOVE (emphasize on LOVEEEE) to wear tops who have a cut outs like this. It makes me feel sexy. :-P 

To complete my plan of a girlalooo day, I added a SM hair accessory. Well, if you have noticed I just went for a Japanese inspired look on my face (assuming that I looked like a and I dont like having my hair down in this bi-polar weather because it will look "buhaghag" anyway.. 

Vintage bag for Treexshop

Cutie necklace from Sugar Kissed

So how do I rock?? 
mwaaah! :-*

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